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Nothing fancy here, just us and our family in this corner of cyberspace.

We grow peaches, raise kids, look for natural living options and love to have fun.

Files Family Farm is best known for our natural Texas peaches- if you’re here hunting those, click right here.

If you want to read more about our family, visit the About Us link or take a peek at our blog.

So, have a look around. Enjoy your visit.

Glad to have you!

Blog Things…

Blogs are funny things. Everyone is different. So are their blogs. 

Useful. Funny. Serious. Random.

That’s kind of how we do it.


Goat kids and people kids make for lots of fun…


Checkout some of our faves to fix for the family.


Big family style. On the cheap and healthy.

Clean Spaces. Naturally. Affordably.

We don’t like using chemicals in our home. So we looked for a better way.
We found e-cloth.  

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It’s hard to find safe, natural, products for families.

We finally found a line we love.

Baby soft, younger looking skin.

Safe for every member of the family.


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