e-cloth® Retailer

Files Family Farm is an e-cloth retailer!

Natural living is very important to our family. We don’t use harmful chemicals on our farm, so why would we want to use them in our home?

When we discovered e-cloth, we knew we had found something special. e-cloth fits our lifestyle perfectly, is affordable and really works!

We are now official retailers for all the e-cloth products. We have items in stock here on the farm and can also provide free shipping on any item from e-cloth.

What do we like about e-cloth?

Everything? ????

Seriously, it is a huge asset to our family. Here are just a few of the things we love about them.

  • Totally safe for kids to use– everything is cleaned bacteria free using just water.
  • Easy to use– e-cloth works quickly, anyone, no matter their age, can use them.
  • Faster- Swipe for swipe, e-cloth cleans better and faster than any other method we have used.
  • Pretty– Okay, not totally a functional aspect, but it is nice to use cleaning cloths that are pretty colors, right?
  • Environmentally friendly- e-cloths are highly reusable, so less trash is generated during cleaning, and no chemicals are needed to get bacteria free results.
  • Color coded- The functional side of the e-cloth colors is the ability to color code which cloth is used for which tasks, rooms, etc. Sets come color coded, and you are free to create your own color coded systems.
  • Affordable and good value– e-cloth is guaranteed to last about 6 years, and the pricing is very reasonable.

Thanks for supporting us

We know e-cloth is also available from other sources online, so we deeply appreciate your business and support.

We are happy to help with any questions you might have about e-cloth, how to use them, etc. Feel free to contact us or leave your questions in comments. We don’t just sell e-cloth, we use e-cloth, too!


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