Natural Peaches

Natural Texas Peaches

Naturally grown peaches have been our specialty for over 14 years here at Files Family Farm. We’ve had a pick your own orchard and sold at local farmers markets and supplied local customers here at our farm. Peach season is a lot of fun for us!

All our peaches are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers. Freestone Peaches

Files Family Farm has 6 varieties of freestone peaches that ripen throughout the end of June- the first part of August. We have Red Globe, Bounty, Loring, Rustin Red, Dixieland and Redskin.

All our varieties are chosen for their quality of flavor. Grown in sandy soil without irrigation, Files Family Farm peaches have enjoyed the reputation of excellent peach flavor and deliver the full experience you expect when you bite into a juicy, sun ripened peach.

000_0318WPick Your Own

There is nothing quite like standing in the orchard and eating the perfect peach, bursting with flavor and peach juice running down your arm. In years past, we offered this experience to families all over Texas. Unfortunately, we had to close the pick your own portion of our orchard for 2015. The drought conditions over the past few years have taken their toll on our orchard. We have lost many trees, reducing our peach production and reducing the pleasure of picking in the orchard.

We are still picking peaches to be picked up at the farm, so you can still stand in the shade and sink your teeth into a perfect peach and let the juice run down your arm. 🙂

Peaches In Bloom filesfamilyfarm.comFuture Plans

We hope to be able to begin replanting the orchard in the near future. We would also like to expand our fruit production at some point. It will take some time, but those are our plans. Natural peaches are still our passion!



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