Update On Peach Crop

Get Ready For a Short Peach Run!

In a previous post we let everyone know that the peach crop this year is limited. And it is. But we have good news!

The end of this week through the beginning of next, so July 16-21 or so, it looks like we will have a short ‘Peach Blast’ of the Rustin Red and Dixieland peaches. Thanks to the high temperatures expected this week, these peaches will ripen in a hurry and then drop off! There will be a short window to get these out of the orchard and into your freezer!

We’ll be picking as fast as we can to fill your orders, so please make sure to let us know how many boxes you would like and how many.

These are two of our most popular varieties, and will go in a hurry, so don’t miss it!

Call or message us to get your name on the list.

You can email us here or give us a call at 254-307-2521.